Resilience salt cells

Resilience Salt Cells
Replacing your Resilience – Nexapure Salt Cell  –  Call on USA’s most trusted salt cell supplier

Leading The Way In High Performance, Cost Effective Salt Chlorine Generating Cells

Generic replacement salt cells to suit Resilience chlorinators a fraction of the cost. Built with superior USA plate and have  2 year warranty.

Did you know that we can supply a Resilience replacement salt cell at the lowest prices because we use wholesale pricing. You can conveniently  scroll down this page to place your order from the comfort of your loungeroom and have the order delivered to you door within a couple of days. Our Resilience cell are built to the same standards as the original cell and we only use high quality titanium cell plates. Our 2 year warranty gives you peace of mind and shows our commitment to you, our valuable customer. 




For a limited time we are able to offer an additional 10% discount to our prices. Please add (10%) in the discount code box at checkout to apply this discount.

  Resilience A3 / E3C Replacement Salt Cell (Generic)

18,000 gallon


Orig.: $339.00
Sale: $269.00
  Resilience A5/ E5C Replacement Salt Cell (Generic)
40,000 gallon

Orig.: $449.00
Sale: $319.00
  Resilience A7/ E7C Replacement Salt Cell (Generic)
60,000 Gallons


Orig.: $619.00
Sale: $389.00

Simply select the Resilience salt cell you require and place your order online – then, simply await the delivery of your product. All of the products we supply are shipped direct to your door, cutting costs on the middleman – again, saving you money! The Resilience salt cell replacements are at least as good as the items they are replacing, hence our commitment to providing a two year warranty with every item we supply. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we are committed to making sure our clients leave happy – with Best Price Salt Cells, you can buy with confidence.


Generic cells at a fraction of genuine cell prices. Made with superior US plate. We supply 15-20,000 salt cells worldwide annually and pass on the savings of our enormous buying power to our customers.



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